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About Us

We’re a top manufacturer of quality portable power stations and solar panels with a decade of experience in R&D and manufacturing in China. Our compact and lightweight power stations are perfect for outdoor activities and emergencies, while our durable solar panels withstand harsh weather. We partner with Ganfeng Lithium to use A-grade cells, providing longer lifespans and better charging. Our products are sold in the US and Europe, and we’re expanding to new markets. Choose our power solutions for reliable and sustainable energy during outdoor adventures or emergencies.

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What Our Customers Say

  • RyanL (Dealer)

    RyanL (Dealer)

    I am a dealer who sells different solar equipment,I worked with a lot of solar equipment manufacturers at the same time, but Green Power is my favorite one.the quality of their products is beyond perfect that I never have to worry about any post-sale issues. With their commitment to quality and our trusted partnership, customers can rest assured they are receiving the best products and service possible

  • Christopher Stockton (Dealer)

    Christopher Stockton (Dealer)

    This solar panel is superb! The design, the performance, and execution are all on point! This solar panel would be ideal for smaller power stations and solar units. Output seems to be at it’s stated rating. Very easy to set up and get to charging! This is a marvelous panel! It’s the most portable and easy to set up panel I own and is often the one I reach for because of that. Good value considering the quality. I would absolutely recommend!

  • Lennox J (Contractor)

    Lennox J (Contractor)

    Green Power provides reliable and top-notch portable power solutions, including portable power stations, solar panels and solar inverters, that ensure efficient and sustainable energy for your everyday needs. Whether you need to charge your devices on the go or power your home, Green Power delivers. Their products and our partnership are truly unmatched in the industry.I strongly recommend this amazing brand.

  • Patrick C (Dealer)

    Patrick C (Dealer)

    This Portable Charger is quite unique in comparison to the many other portable chargers out there; First of all, it has a HUGE capacity. Secondly, I could only find one other charger out there that has 2 wireless charging ports, and even that one doesn’t charge as fast. Thirdly, this charger already charges EXTREMELY fast (0 - 80% in less than 2 hours!), but it also has an additional input which allows it to be charged via Solar at the same time, which can even shorten that quick charging time. Fourthly, many of the other chargers I’ve compared it to do not have a 100 Watt PD connection, but this one does, and it also has a 30 Watt PD connection along with 2 normal USB 3.0 connection(s). Along with ALL of that, it also has 4 Sinewave AC connections!!!

  • Sandro S (Dealer)

    Sandro S (Dealer)

    After extensive testing I found all ports performed exactly as advertised. I am very pleased! The case is really well built and the charge controller is pretty smart.

  • Joseph Cerrato  (Dealer)

    Joseph Cerrato (Dealer)

    This a good solid two panel 60-watt solar panel.Green Power has made a solar panel that is easy to carry and use.I tested it out on my smaller power station. It charged up in a few hours.This solar panel will be good to use for emergencies or camping with my smaller power station.I would recommend buying.

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